Language is at the core of thinking and at the centre of our learning. Through language our pupils gain much of their knowledge and many of their skills across the curriculum. The four main components of language are:

  •   Talking
  •   Listening
  •   Reading
  •   Writing

The importance of Spoken English is emphasised at Aileymill. From Primary 1 children are encouraged to develop their skills in talking and to articulate their learning.
At the early stages of reading Jolly Phonics is our initial phonics programme. This then progresses to Jolly Grammar.
A wide range of reading texts is used in all classes.Reading for pleasure, as well as for information, is encouraged throughout the school and we have a well stocked library. At the early stages of writing we build on drawing and scribing sentences and introduce punctuation, vocabulary, sentence construction as the children progress. We encourage children to develop a legible, fast, cursive style of handwriting.

French is taught from Primary 6 and where possible even earlier.
Teachers use many approaches including active learning , games, songs, role play and
interactive whiteboard software to create relevant, coherent, enjoyable and successful
learning experiences.

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